Tri County Painting Inc. 


What We Do

At Tri County County Painting Inc. we offer all aspects of commercial and Industrial painting. Our friendly staff and management have been working in the industry for over 25 years. Whether it's concrete tilt ups, shopping centers, exterior buildings, warehouses, roof structures or office space we can get it done on time, and on budget. 

We are always looking to better ourselves. This includes the products we use and the suppliers we work with. 

* Experienced Estimators and Painters.

* User-Friendly Staff.

* Onsite Project Manager.

* We ensure projects are meeting deadlines and budgets. 

* We have the equipment, tools, lifts, etc.. to get your job done (SAFELY)

* Familiar with most Commercial and Industrial Products. 

* Take Pride in our Work.

* Have the manpower and experience to meet most demands. 

* We can provide color samples and color renderings.                                            

* We service all Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.

* We work with Property Management Companies, Business Owners, Contractors and Home Owners.

* Warranty all our work

What makes Tri County Painting Inc. successful? 

For over 25 years it has been four things. 

Our Experience, Our Employees, Our Commitment and Values.