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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee/Warranty

Tri County Painting Inc. uses only top quality paints that will give your project a long lasting finish you can be proud of. We back our work 100%!

If it's time to give your Building, Shopping Center, Office Space or Warehouse a fresh coat of paint, look to the experts at Tri County Painting Inc. If you have a challenging surface that needs work, our coating experts will help you decide what is be the best way to correct the problem. Estimates are always free. We're licensed, bonded and fully insured.

Best Products: 



Concrete Tit-Ups

With more than two decades of solid professional painting experience, we are well positioned to handle any size commercial painting job. Small or Large.


Steel Structures

Interior Roof Structure

Tri County Painting Inc. is one of the top commercial/industrial painters in Riverside California. We know from our more than two decades of experience in the painting industry that it is a specialty craft that takes years of experience and workmanship to obtain the kind of durability and long-lasting results our clients need.

* Commercial Buildings
* Shopping Centers
* Office Space
* Industrial Warehouse
* Concrete Tilt-ups
* Tenant Improvements 
* Exterior / Interior
* Specialty Coatings
* Interior Roof Structure
* Epoxy and Elastomeric

* We provide transparent, up-front pricing to help you budget without surprises. 

* We will inspect your project and point out surface defects and visible problems that need to be addressed to ensure a long-lasting result.

* Our bids are always inclusive of all work that will need to be done and include a fixed price.


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